Remember in Prayers

Please remember in your prayers parish members: Austin Smith & Family, Helen Boone, Matt Currin, Alan Houghton, Bill Nelson, Hugh Hostetler, Cam Howell, Bob & Margaret Jones, Rob Godley, John Miller, Brody Lapworth, Kathleen Tetu, Jane Rose, Laura McDermott, John & Sue Womack, Joan Crompton, Lucille Grate, Grace Davis, Roddy Brown, Al Senes, Rip & Maggie Head and Sandy Duart; for friends of this parish who are sick or suffering: Whitney, Patrick, Taylor & baby, Linda & Garrett, Brenda, Al & Susan, John, Amy, Bill, Jeanne, Mark and Jennifer; and for those serving in our armed forces and for others who protect us at home and abroad, especially Ryan Comes, McLennan Janes and Midway Fire Rescue Shift A.