Remember in Prayers

Please remember in your prayers parish members: Austin Smith & Family, Matt Currin, Alan Houghton, Hugh Hostetler, Cam Howell, Rob Godley, Brody Lapworth, Grace Davis, John Faul, Dina Sampson, Ernestine Sparkman, Jane Knight, Payton Mushock, Brandi Gehrman, Billy Cave, Bubba Southard, Lu Jones and Pearl Phillips; for friends of this parish who are sick or suffering: Ellene and Vicky, Paul, Ron, Lisa, T.K. and Norma; and for those serving in our armed forces and for others who protect us at home and abroad, especially Ryan Comes, McLennan Janes and Midway Fire Rescue. In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we remember Calvary, Charleston.