Remember in Prayers

Please Remember In Prayer:

Parish Members:  Cam Howell, Grace Davis, Austin Smith & family, Anne Hoile, Carolyn Berry, Mary Anne Ingle, Eulalie Fenhagen, Ella Thomas & Family, Kelly McCall, Kris Southard, Beth Spainhour, Michael Cureton, Roberta Abstein, Al Senes, Michael Brygider, Mason Daley Boyd, Rose Little, Hugger Peteet, Nancy Bride, Mary Cannon, Emma Wheeler;

for friends of this parish who are sick or suffering, especially Bob, Kay, Bailey, Carolyn, Nancy and Karen;

for those serving in the armed forces, especially SSgt Amanda Finegan, McLennon Janes, Ryan Comes and Michael Modesto; and for others who protect us at home and abroad, especially Midway Fire Rescue.

In the Diocesan Cycle of Prayer we remember with thanksgiving all of the supply clergy in The Episcopal Church in South Carolina.