Outreach Partners

Alcoholics Anonymous – Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. It is nonprofessional, self-supporting, multiracial, apolitical, and available almost everywhere. There are no age or education requirements. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.

Contact Church Office  moc.r1493381739r.cs@1493381739ssorc1493381739yloh1493381739                      843-237-3459

 Al Anon – Friends and families of problem drinkers find understanding and support at Al-Anon.

Contact Church Office  moc.r1493381739r.cs@1493381739ssorc1493381739yloh1493381739                      843-237-3459

Breast Cancer Awareness “In The Pink” Walk – Annually during the month of October a sea of pink-clad walkers unite in solidarity and support of breast cancer awareness.

Contact The Rev. Sandy Moyle      gro.m1493381739fssor1493381739cyloh1493381739@elyo1493381739ms1493381739       904-608-6973

Family Justice Center – Domestic Violence organization of Georgetown & Horry County; offering services and shelter for threatened or abused persons.

Contact Mary Watkins moc.l1493381739iamg@1493381739snikt1493381739awyra1493381739myram1493381739         803-517-7717

Friendship Place         – A Christian organization working to provide a hand-up for people to meet their basic needs.

Contact Church Office  moc.r1493381739r.cs@1493381739ssorc1493381739yloh1493381739                      843-237-3459

Habitat for Humanity – A non-profit, ecumenical, Christian based organization that gives low-income working families a chance to contribute to society through decent homes in decent communities.

Contact Nancy Laprade        moc.l1493381739iamg@14933817391edar1493381739paLN1493381739                 843-685-1837

Midway Fire Rescue Chaplaincy – The Midway Fire Rescue Chaplain is available to all members of the Department to provide guidance and counseling in matters of a spiritual, personal, family or job related nature. And is available in situations where the possibility of injury to personnel is high.

Contact The Rev. Wil Keith            moc.l1493381739iamg@1493381739liwre1493381739htaf1493381739             843-315-5098 OR         Rick Myers                 843-235-0525

Miss Ruby’s Kids – An early literacy program for families in Georgetown County through two years of bi-weekly home visits by trained professionals.

 Contact Kristen Laga             ten.s1493381739diksy1493381739burss1493381739im@ss1493381739eccus1493381739            843-436-7200

The Outreach Farm – provides quality protein at no cost, to more than a dozen nonprofit organizations here in the Grand Strand that feed the hungry. 

Contact Bobby Jayroe           ten.a1493381739pclj@1493381739trebo1493381739R1493381739                           843-605-7886

Smith Medical Clinic – Provides free healthcare services to low-income, uninsured adults in Georgetown County.

Contact Harold Stowe, Bd. Chair   moc.r1493381739r.cs@1493381739ewots1493381739c1493381739                843-222-8668

OR Anne Faul, Director         gro.c1493381739inilc1493381739eerfh1493381739tims@1493381739luafa1493381739                843-237-2672

St. Elizabeth Place Apartments – Providing decent housing for low-income senior citizens.

Contact Beth Monroe            moc.o1493381739ohay@1493381739ecalp1493381739hteba1493381739zilet1493381739s1493381739 843-235-3031

Waccamaw Neck Ministerial Association (includes Matt 25 program) – An ecumenical alliance of clergy on the Waccamaw Neck provides opportunities for ecumenical worship such as Community Lenten Services and ecumenical outreach to those in need of assistance with Santee Cooper electrical bills.

 Contact Church Office  moc.r1493381739r.cs@1493381739ssorc1493381739yloh1493381739                      843-237-3459