Help Wanted



Ministry Opportunities:

The Eucharistic Bread Bakers Ministry is looking for a few more people to bake altar bread for our Sunday morning services.  Currently our bakers make bread about 3 times per year.  The recipe does not use yeast, so there is no time involved in waiting for the dough to rise.  It takes about 2 hours (start to clean up) to make a batch which reaps 25-27 round loaves. If there is interest by potential new bakers, Kathy Ott will set up a demonstration session. For info please call or email Kathy Ott (513-509-8815 or moc.o1474793203ohay@14747932030211t1474793203to1474793203).

 Nursery Help Needed to sit with, watch and be inquisitive with our small ones during crafts, block building, puzzle making, etc.  Not hard stuff.  Volunteers working with our nursery caregiver with infants & children to 3 years.  Contact Candi Boyd or Mary Watkins at church or call Candi at 843-318-9945 to help.

Sunday Morning Lay Readers/Chalice Administrators Volunteers need to have a good public speaking voice, a commitment to study the scripture you will read and flexibility in scheduling. Contact Doreen McDermott moc.l1474793203oa@52147479320301red1474793203cmd1474793203 843-651-0360.

Shepherd Ministry Driver  Volunteers are needed for this ministry to occasionally help parishioners in need of transportation.  Drivers must have a valid drivers license and insurance. Contact Judy Shaw moc.l1474793203iamg@1474793203412wa1474793203hsydu1474793203j1474793203 (843) 314-3433