Help Wanted

Help Wanted


Drivers/Chaperones are needed for a fun youth field trip to Charleston on the afternoon of Sunday, February 28th. We will leave directly after church on that day, and enjoy a bag lunch en route. From 2pm until 4pm, we will tour The Charleston Museum, which explores our regional and state history. At 5pm there will be a choral evensong at Grace Church Cathedral. We’ll stop for pizza or fast food on the way home, and be back at church by 8pm. If you can help please contact Maggie Dunlap at gro.m1455209906fssor1455209906cyloh1455209906@paln1455209906udm1455209906.



Hospitality Help Needed.   To deepen the ranks of those who practice this hospitality, the kitchen hospitality committee invites all those interested in lending a hand to sign up. Listed below are some some of the ways to participate.

Help set up and serve one of the parish meals during the year; Help clean up after one of the parish meals during the year; Host the snack table after worship one or more Sundays during the year; Take home tablecloths or kitchen towels, wash and return after an event; Deliver unused/untouched food to locals in need; Take recycling from the red kitchen bins for a month or more during the year; Or perhaps you have another idea?  Might we be entertaining angels unawares ? For information or to volunteer, contact:

Kathy Thompson 843-314-3392     moc.l1455209906iamg@1455209906nospm1455209906ohtbe1455209906nireh1455209906taK1455209906 or MaryBoyd Brown 843-237-5677         moc.l1455209906oa@nw1455209906orbdy1455209906obyra1455209906M1455209906



Hosts needed for February Social Night Out.   Interested? Call Doug or Annette Billings at 843-215-3808.








Hosts Needed for the February Social Night Out.  Interested?  Call Doug and Annette Billings at 843-215-3808.