Shepherding Ministry

Shepherding: “Many hands make light work.”

Active since 2007, the expansion of the Shepherding Ministry reflects the growth of our parish. In order to meet the increasing needs effectively and efficiently, we divide our parish community into geographical service areas and ask parish members to serve these areas in various ways: a phone call; a visit at home or the hospital; transportation to a medical appointment, the pharmacy, or the grocery store; or a meal.

The goal of Shepherding is to be there during a time when members of our congregation need concrete, short-term support. The more of us who volunteer to serve in our neighborhoods, the more likely we will be able to meet parishioners’ needs without a huge time commitment for any one group. Let’s spread the wealth of giving our time to those of our congregation in need.

Information about these needs comes from the Clergy, the church office, and the laity. We encourage you to contact Father Wil Keith,  Deacon Melissa Timmerman, or Suzy in the church office if you know someone who needs to contacted by a neighborhood Shepherd.

One of our parishioners who serves as a Shepherd shares that “being able to spend some quiet time visiting an ailing member of our congregation was rewarding for me because I got to know someone I hadn’t known very well before. We’ve kept in touch since then and knowing her has enriched my life.”

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