Adults as well as teens are welcome in the lay reader ministry. The basic responsibilities are to read the lessons, lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People, and assist at baptisms. Adult lay readers are also asked, if they are able, to serve as chalice bearers.

If you are interested in contributing your time and talent to this ministry, please speak with Lu Jones or e-mail her at moc.r1448961155r.cs@1448961155100jd1448961155l1448961155. We look forward to having you join us.

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December 2015

December 6

8:00 am

Denise Patrick

10:30 am

Barbara Belt, Kris Southard, Michael Cureton

December 13

8:00 am

Nancy Hopkinson

10:30 am

Nancy Cave, Lang Donkle,
Billy Cave

December 20

8:00 am

Amy Webb

10:30 am

Doreen McDermott, Bill Wilson,
Peggy Wilson

December 24

4:00 pm

Emily Radcliff, John Sands,
Geales Sands

9:30 pm

Kay Pulliam, Cindy Montjoy,
Lu Jones

December 25

10:00 am

Sheila Freeze, Denise Patrick,
Lu Jones

December 27

8:00 am

Denise Patrick

10:30 am

Colbert Brown, Ron Radcliffe,
Kris Southard

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