Lay Eucharistic Ministry

We bring you the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, consecrated at the altar of Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church, in order to share with you the oneness of the Body of Christ.

Parishioners who cannot attend church services because of illness or infirmity have the opportunity to participate in a modified liturgy thanks to a visit from a Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM), who brings that Sunday’s readings, sermon highlights, prayers, and communion. These visits typically take place after the Sunday service, while our priests usually make the pastoral visits with communion during the week.

At the present time, the following parishioners are LEMs: Lang Donkle, Susan Geiger, Nancy Hopkinson, Amy Webb, Peggy Wilson. They have participated in training and been certified by the Bishop.

Each week the congregation participates in the blessing of the basket of bread and wine that will be taken to a parishioner that afternoon. Each of us makes a commitment to be with the LEM and sick parishioner spiritually during the visit.

If you are interested in becoming a LEM, please contact Amy Webb at moc.g1397918386nirps1397918386dnim@1397918386bbewy1397918386mard1397918386.

One of our LEMs says, “It is a special privilege to take communion to those at home who can’t come to church. Sharing with them the blessed bread and wine that we at church have received is very meaningful, and I feel a special bond occurs during this time.”

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April 2014

Apr 20Susan Geiger, Nancy Hopkinson

Susan Geiger, Nancy Hopkinson

Apr 27Denise Patrick, John Hart

Denise Patrick, John Hart

May 2014

May 4Amy Webb, Madeleine Ritchie

Amy Webb, Madeleine Ritchie

May 11Nancy Hopkinson, Jill Waring

Nancy Hopkinson, Jill Waring

May 18Susan Geiger, Peggy Wilson

Susan Geiger, Peggy Wilson

May 25John Hart, Denise Patrick

John Hart, Denise Patrick

June 2014

Jun 1Nancy Hopkinson, Amy Webb

Nancy Hopkinson, Amy Webb

Jun 8John Hart, Madeleine Ritchie

John Hart, Madeleine Ritchie

Jun 15Susan Geiger, Denise Patrick

Susan Geiger, Denise Patrick

Jun 22Peggy Wilson, Amy Webb

Peggy Wilson, Amy Webb

Jun 29Madeleine Ritchie, Nancy Hopkinson

Madeleine Ritchie, Nancy Hopkinson

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